Call for Papers


Paper Submission deadline - October 30, 2020.

Paper requirements


The Paper and the Information about the author is accepted at e-mail


Topic of the letter: Conference November 6 2020.

The information about the author must go after the Bibliography.


Follow the instructions mentioned below:


Paper length – up to 10 pages.

Format: MS Word.

Top right corner - the name and surname of the author, name of the country and city.

The title of Paper - capital letters, bold font, in the middle.

Text format:

  • font – 14-point Times New Roman;

  • interval – 1,5;

  • margin: А4; right – 20 mm, left – 30 mm, top – 20 mm, botom – 20 mm;

  • indent of the first line of the paragraphs – 1,25;

  • aligning – justified;

  • no page numbers;

  • numerate and paste illustrations in the text and also send in graphic format (jpeg). 


Place the Bibliography after the text of the article. 

A number in square brackets, eg. [2] or [5, p.18], placed in the text of the article, indicates the relevant reference and the page [1, p. 8].  When citing more than one source at a time, the preferred method is to list each reference number separately with a comma between each reference: [1], [3], [5].

Do not use automaticl endnotes.

Please use no more than two references to own works.

The originality - not less then 70% (any act of plagiarism cannot be tolerated).


The conference committee considers the papers and may reject papers that are not relevant to the topic and the above requirements


Online presentation requirements

Online presentation length - 5 - 10 minutes.

Equipment needed: computer (or notebook), camera and microphone.

Equipment and connection will be checked by the organizers prior to the conference.